• With over 40 years of practice, this traditional specialist is a master at massage
  • Arrange a house-call, or hotel-call, and let his highly trained hands come to you
  • With your deepest muscular knots untangled, hop off the table truly refreshed

Our most plugged-in friends in Beijing spell relief D-E-N-G. Ende Deng, a 64-year-old traditional-Chinese-medicine doctor, does not speak English, so your concierge should arrange your treatment time. Deng makes house—and hotel—calls for an extremely reasonable RMB200 (US$30) per hour. Don’t be fooled by his wizened appearance; this traditional specialist, who has been practicing for more than 40 years, possesses the strength and technique to manipulate you into some astonishing positions. Deng’s gymnastics will untangle your deepest muscular knots before his highly trained fingers meticulously work their way up your central energy meridian (a.k.a. the spine), kneading each vertebra along the way. We always climb off Deng’s massage table feeling genuinely refreshed.

​DR. ENDE DENG: 86-(0)136-1101-0440