• For an ultra-modern take on traditional ceramics, shop this stylish design shop
  • Pop in a Parisian-inspired cafe with decadent eclairs and macaroons
  • Grab lunch on the wooden terrace of a cafe with their not to be missed smoothies and summer rolls

While we deeply appreciate traditional Chinese tea culture, its accessories often don’t suit our 21st-century tastes. Which is why we’re such fans of ceramic homewares store Spin. Here, you’ll find modern zisha clay teapots or a Knot Vase, perhaps the ideal souvenir as it recalls the Herzog & de Meuron-designed Beijing National Stadium, a.k.a. The Nest. Spin’s English-speaking staff is well-versed in the logistics of shipping, leaving you marvelously unburdened by cumbersome shopping bags as you saunter next door to 27 Café & Bakery for éclairs and macaroons that transport our taste buds to Paris. Looking for something a bit more substantive? Cross the street to slide into seats on the wooden terrace of Element Fresh for their killer avocado, coconut, and banana smoothie along with generously sized summer rolls stuffed with shrimp and mango.

​You’ll find these shops in Chaoyang, the most populated in Beijing and home of its central business district. This was also the site of the 2008 Summer Olympics. By car, you should find yourself heading up past Side Park via Fangyuan West Road.

​​SPIN CERAMICS: 6 Fangyuan Xi Lu; 86-(0)10-6437-8649;

​​27 CAFÉ & BAKERY: Building #2, 6 Fangyuan Xi Lu; 86-(0)10-8470-0027

​​ELEMENT FRESH: 6 Jiangtai Lu; 86-(0)10-6433-5058;